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  • htc-vive-steam-vr-msfx-2

    When the HTC Vive was a secret…

    I initially wrote this post around March just after the Vive was announced at MWC/GDC but then obviously got distracted and forgot to click publish.  My bad. So, cast your mind back to December 2014……

  • surgeon1_1080x715

    Surgeon Simulator Touch

    After releasing Thomas Was Alone at Bossa the wonderful horror that is Surgeon Simulator was next! Originally ported from the PC to the iPad by Bossa I was tasked to initially take on the…

  • thomas1_1080x715

    Thomas Was Alone

    I’ve spent the last couple of months with the wonderful Bossa Studios in Shoreditch porting the beautiful little Bafta Award Winning game ‘Thomas Was Alone” by Mike Bithell to the Mac App Store, Apple App Store, Google Play Store and…

  • nelsons-tactics-national-maritime-museum

    Nelson’s Tactics

    I worked together with Beakus Animation Studio to produce this interactive installation for the National Maritime Museum in London, bringing Nelson’s Battle of Trafalgar and the Nile to life on a 56″ touchscreen.  Developed…

  • pigby1_1080x715

    Pigby’s Fair for iOS & Android

    I had the pleasure of spending several months of last year at the wonderful studio’s of Aardman Animations in Bristol as part of the team developing Pigby’s Fair for RBS / Natwest which accompanies the return…