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  • htc-vive-steam-vr-msfx-2

    When the HTC Vive was a secret…

    I initially wrote this post around March just after the Vive was announced at MWC/GDC but then obviously got distracted and forgot to click publish.  My bad. So, cast your mind back to December 2014……

  • wing2_1080x715
    Work In Progress

    Granny On A Wing VR

    Following on from the Granny On A Blob prototype developed during my week of Game Jams came “Granny On A Wing” 😀 I had the idea of making a wing walking experience and again being…

  • blob1_1080x715
    Work In Progress

    Granny On A Blob VR

    I had a week off between contracts and decided to do a daily Game Jam (this is where a lot of Bossa’s ideas stem from) on several ideas I had for VR. I had recently…

  • pigby1_1080x715

    Pigby’s Fair for iOS & Android

    I had the pleasure of spending several months of last year at the wonderful studio’s of Aardman Animations in Bristol as part of the team developing Pigby’s Fair for RBS / Natwest which accompanies the return…