Nelson’s Tactics Installation

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Nelson's Tactics

I worked together with Beakus Animation Studio to produce this interactive installation for the National Maritime Museum in London, bringing Nelson's Battle of Trafalgar and the Nile to life on a 56" touchscreen. Developed with Unity this project allows the user to view both of Nelson's battles in beautiful 3d whilst orbiting around and zooming into areas of interest whilst learning about Nelsons tactics which lead to him winning so comfortably. My role was to bring the scene to life, managing all the interaction and developing the user journey and UI whilst advising on suitable workflows for integrating the complex tactic animations with Unity. I also then managed the Linux installation with the NMM tech team. This installation is now live in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich With some optimisations I've now ported this onto iPad and Android tablets! Sadly it isn't scheduled for release however if you are interested in viewing then please get in touch.